The American electric industry is experiencing a period of historic change. Santee Cooper is not immune to that change. We are prepared, and we made many strategic decisions in 2012 that position us for the future.


We're aggressively working to maintain low-cost, reliable electricity. We are shaping better business throughout South Carolina with new economic development initiatives to build on past successes. We are delivering brighter tomorrows, today.






Historically, coal has anchored Santee Cooper's low-cost electricity.


New regulations and the changing fuel landscape have helped us advance a more diverse fuel mix, giving us important flexibility now and in the future.


Between maximizing natural gas and beginning to build new nuclear units, we continued to focus on low-cost, reliable electricity in 2012.


In March, we received key licenses from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for two new nuclear units at V.C. Summer Nuclear Station, which we are now building with South Carolina Electric & Gas. The new nuclear units are virtually emissions free and scheduled to come online in 2017 and 2018.


We embraced near record-low gas prices, running our natural gas units at Rainey Generating Station as much as possible. When it was more economical, we also opted to purchase natural gas generation from others.


As we shifted to a more diverse fuel future, we retired six of our oldest coal and oil units in 2012: four at Jefferies Generating Station and two at Grainger Generating Station.


And Santee Cooper improved our transmission and distribution power-delivery systems to further maintain reliability, upgrade and expand existing substations, and add a needed substation and power lines in Horry County's Carolina Forest area.


Through all of these steps, we advanced our promises to deliver low-cost, reliable electricity to our customers.



Santee Cooper shaped promising new economic opportunities in South Carolina throughout 2012.


Working hand-in-hand with the state's electric cooperatives, Santee Cooper introduced a new economic development electric rate for industries expanding or relocating to South Carolina. This new rate encourages statewide growth and helps stimulate the economy.


Santee Cooper has also dedicated funds to a loan pool for governments and other groups. The loans can be used for infrastructure improvements, land acquisition or buildings that can attract business and create new jobs.




Santee Cooper is more than electricity and economic opportunity.


Whether you have a thirst for South Carolina's best-tasting water or for recreation, Santee Cooper delivered both in 2012. The Lake Marion Regional Water System, which serves the towns of Santee and Bowman, earned the title of best-tasting water in South Carolina from the South Carolina Rural Water Association.


Santee Cooper also knows the importance of Lakes Marion and Moultrie for fun, fishing and recreation. We continued to battle the many invasive weeds in our lakes. These non-native weeds grow aggressively and threaten fish populations and other natural resources. The continuing efforts should improve lake access, restore recreational opportunities in infested areas and help prevent the spread of these plants to other areas

Santee Cooper is considering several additional projects already in 2013 that will continue to boost economic development prospects throughout the state.

Change is constant and inevitable. However, when change occurs, it is our actions that define us. Looking forward, 2013 will undoubtedly have its share of change. Santee Cooper will remain focused on strategically advancing opportunities so that we can shape that change to our benefit, and deliver brighter tomorrows for our customers and the state.